T E K T A S   S A A T C I L I K




We created an event concept for our luxury watches & jewellery distributor brand ‘Tektaş Saatçilik’. We designed 3 different personas for the event to be able to personalise the experiment of attendants. Tiger, Snake and Bee. The personas are based on the characters that the brand uses on their products and designs. We created a website which was designed as a character test for the attendants. We got every visitor to do the test on tablets before they got into the party venue. They answered 5 different questions and found out their party persona. After that, all the party merchandise, even the cocktails they drank was personalised depending on their personas. This was we collected data from a group of people who are exactly the target audience for our brand. More than 1.000 unique users shared their contact information in only 2 hours.

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