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Alper Erözer

Alper Erözer Project

ADEL relaunched it’s all branding and product line in 2018 and started the campaign at BTS period in 2018 with a new commercial. In the commercial a Professional hand dancer showed all the product line with the new jingle. We managed the social media communication of the Project and collaborated with a rising star, Alper Erözer who is a 13 years old singer and widely popular among millennials. Alper practiced the hand dance for a week and performed it for his followers and asked them to send hand dance videos on Instagram with their own dance figures with new ADEL products. His organic video reached was viewed by 670k people and 12k people shared their comments on the video. 1.475 people shot their own hand dance videos and shared with us via hashtag. ADEL Instagram account had only 116 followers before the video and gained thousands of followers and the brand immediately created an emotional bond with the main target group. During the campaign we reached 3.5 million unique users on Facebook and Instagram.

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